Tim Eaton was kind enough to share his thoughts about penning a tell-all book for consumers and I am delighted with the outcome. I picked up the expose about uncensored real estate truths and the result was I could not put it down and just had to finish it. He hit the nail on the head in so many chapters . This is a great read not only for consumers and sellers of real estate but also for many agents. Great Work Tim

Michael Xylas

I gained more motivation, ideas and skills from Tim Eaton’s training session than I did with going to AREC last year. I just want to thank you again for the past 3 days; I gained not only a good vibe but a lot of refreshed insight from you.


Scott Mitchell

With a career touching all facets of the property market including sales, auctioneering and training Tim possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience. These attributes, combined with his passion for improvement to ensure the right outcome for all parties involved, means that whether you be a seller or an agent, there is something in here that will benefit you.

David Cradock


I’m not surprised that Tim is in high demand as his training is critical for agents keen to get the job done right in a challenging industry. It’s been with great pleasure that I have trained with Tim and embraced his approach, which is very much geared towards addressing questions that nobody asks and the use of logic like ‘everything sells best fresh’, an approach that makes him a stand out. I have also witnessed Tim in action as an Auctioneer and in that arena he is powerful, articulate and produces a strong message matched by outstanding results. I congratulate him on placing ink to paper, sharing his experience and complete real estate knowledge, I wish him all the best success.

Mark Zaccariotto


Tim is a great guy who takes helping people seriously and really cares. 

Geoff Luby





I have been in real estate for the past 13 years and found the program a huge benefit to my career. There were so many components throughout this course which I have forgotten to do in my listing appointments, buyer meetings etc and I constantly said to myself through the course, “I used to do that”. It was a great way to refresh the memory bank. Whether you are new to the industry or been around a while you will reap the benefits of this course.

Frank Polistina


I came on this course to be re-energised and to re-focus and this course has achieved it. It brought back into focus some of the things I used to do but have cast aside for various reasons. Having spent a week realising that the basics are the foundation for forward momentum I can now face the real estate challenge with a new insight. Thank you.

David Standen




TO THE QUESTION: ‘What did you like most about this training?’ here are a range of responses.

Very informative. Different & fresh.

Rituals of prospecting

Eat the Frog

The science of being a successful agent

The psychology of selling. How to turn prospecting into a ritual

Tim’s energy

(Tim’s) Enthusiasm

Planning. Content. Points to assist in productivity

Tim Eaton

Love that the training is for you to be a better person not just a better agent

Got me to think, to then act on planning my work days for the next 3 months and establish my way of working – and engage the team

Easy to understand and implement. Delivered quickly with humour

How you build up your ‘Herd’