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The place of the Way”

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MOJO DOJO training gets you there Faster!

Resources and Training Programs to help you achieve Success Faster
To assist in the Peak Performance of your role
Coaching and Mentoring for 100% Accountability to keep you moving in a Straight Line to Success
Not spinning your wheels.


The Mojo-Coach Platform

Accountability is a #1 trait of super successful people

The Mojo-Coach platform is the easy way to help create your perfect picture of success

And then stay on track to achieve it.

To become it.

Business Plan/Learning Hub/Coaching Interface/Sales Activity/Accountability

The Link to Leadership


Right People on the Bus .. and in the Right Seats

Think you would be good in sales? Most People are Not.

Don’t waste a day, a month or years of your life in a role you’re just not cut out for.

Employing Salespeople?

If it was easy to get right, most people who start would still be in the job.

18 Months later … most are not.

If only you could X-Ray them to check for Sales Success

You can. And would a 90% accuracy help?

90% Accuracy predicting those who can do the one thing that leads to success?



Books That Changed Me

For Agent-Consultants : Real Estate Professionals

For Principals : Leadership Roles

INVITED IN! : For Agents and Principals

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Hit The Ground Running :  Recruit or Re-Boot


RISE : Launch Your Life


Big Stone Wheel Sessions : Keeping The Wheel Turning

Leading Fearless thumb

Leading Fearless : People Retention, Motivation & Profit



Tim and the MOJO Team … working with You & Your Team


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