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I’m fortunate to receive many new books on real estate and recently I was given yet another, but as it turned out, not just another book.

The Real Estate Matchmaker Why Everything Sells Best Fresh is compelling reading. A book that I simply could not put down and haven’t stopped talking about. The author is Timothy J. Eaton and I’ve been able to speak with Tim a couple of times recently.

Each time I do I’m struck with what I can only call the awesomely simple logic of the contents he has brought to life and how successful his goal is to provide the textbook for better conversations in real estate.

Part of that logic is that agents must be proactive in educating their clients on fundamental issues that will require important decisions. This is not just a simple ‘how-to’ manual though. There’s an undercurrent of a required and powerful repositioning of the authority, control and professionalism great agents must bring to their role.

 When they are that agent, the conversations around establishing or adjusting price are much more successful. The conversation about the fees they earn also fades into insignificance. Fees for quality professionals in any field are easily justified.

 Having educated their client, the agent and homeowner can engage in crucial conversations much earlier in the process, and much more confidently. When this happens, history proves the probability of being sold earlier, better and happier.

As The Real Estate Matchmaker subtitle says: Everything Sells Best Fresh. Thoroughly recommended. Kevin Turner


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