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The F.E.E.L. Principle in Leadership

“My mission is to get the team to do it, even when at the outset, they don’t feel like doing it.”




Creating an environment of NO FEAR in your Team …


Engaging to ensure Everyone is ON BOARD with the Mission and The Purpose …


Understanding and Empathising with each individuals current life situation and their GOALS …


Fearlessly LIVING the Role of the Leader … Being it


Welcome to the New World Of Leading People

Because old world leadership is dead

The 2oth Century leaders killed it.

If you want someone to do something, what’s the best motivation for them to do it?






The answer … the best motivation is, that they Want to do it. Simple as that.

We humans Want to do things that make us Feel Good

The challenge for leaders is to get their people to Do It, even when they don’t feel like it!


The 21st Century Leaders role is to ensure that every individual in the team…

Does it, Feels good about doing it even when they’re struggling, and that they Want to do it again



To Feel the Presence of the Leader

Even when the leader is not Present


Today’s team want what all of history’s players have always wanted … to Feel a part of something.

It’s the Leaders job to ensure Behaviours lead to that desired culture


They also want to Feel that they’re not working for a Boss on the Clock …

The Leaders job is to create a heightened sense of Autonomy


They’re hungry for lifelong improvement. The information & Learning Age has created a beautiful monster.

The Leaders job is to help and guide them towards Mastering their art


Modern Western workers have transcended the need for the basics of life. Just for the money, just doesn’t cut it.

The Leaders job is to communicate the engaging vision of why we’re doing this. Purpose & Legacy


If you think this is some way off into the science fiction future…

It’s already here

The most successful business models in real estate are being operating this way right now

Growth Mode Property Management


Sales Units Operating as EBU’s


In both cases the Team knows their Mission and do not fear for their jobs and are not primarily motivated by money

* Two out of three EBU team members are high salaried support people, driving a powerful service mission.

* High functioning Property Managers are measured by retention & their clients perception of quality service.

both operating without fear for their jobs


Engaged Fearless Humans Operate in Optimum Flow

They Work Cooperatively and Creatively

And therein lies People Retention and Profit


Over 12 Months Join me and a group of your peers for 10 Sessions – 20 Modules – and Become a Great Leader

“Very Few are ‘Born Leaders’…

It’s exciting to know that this key skill is so learnable.”

Brian Tracy

Contact us today to enrol in the one program that will have the most impact on your business.

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