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The Critics Say –

“It’s hard…”

“There’s A Lot To Take In…”

“It’s long…”

“It’s Not For The Feint Hearted…”

If they look like they’re a problem for you, don’t register.

There’s enough ‘B’ Grade Agents out there already

We always ask this question…

‘Would you recommend this training program?’…

“I gained more motivation, ideas and skills from Tim Eaton’s training session than I did with going to AREC last year. I just want to thank you again for the past 3 days; I gained not only a good vibe but a lot of refreshed insight from you.” SM

“5 days before I arrived I was lacking direction, clarity, purpose and focus – 5 days later I feel like my mind has done a complete turnaround. I have direction, a system to follow and clarity. Now I know why I’m doing what I need to do. Purpose is not only to sell homes but to help people move to a new life stage and my focus is 100%. I know what I need to focus on in order to achieve my goal – to become a top 5% agent. The best!!” P.C.

“I came on this course to be re-energised and to re-focus and this course has achieved it. It brought back into focus some of the things I used to do but have cast aside for various reasons. Having spent a week realising that the basics are the foundation for forward momentum I can now face the real estate challenge with a new insight. Thank you.” D.S. [8 year agent] 

“It’s been a fantastic experience for the past 5 days. The knowledge and skills you learn here make you want to step forward and take action. I found it very inspirational! Oh did I mention Tim’s great sense of humour? He made it real: You can learn and have fun at the same time! This is definitely the best investment of my time I’ve ever made and I highly recommend it to anyone.” S.S. 

“I have been in real estate for the past 13 years and found the program a huge benefit to my career. There were so many components throughout this course which I have forgotten to do in my listing appointments, buyer meetings, etc and I constantly said to myself through the course, “I used to do that”. It was a great way to refresh the memory bank. Whether you are new to the industry or been around a while you will reap the benefits of this course.” F.P. 

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