The Real Estate Matchmaker  Why Everything Sells Best Fresh™

(‘The Real Estate Matchmaker’ and ‘The Matchmaker’)

What do I get as a member?

For the general public, The Real Estate Matchmaker is a sought after resource. However, we’ve made it so that the easiest place to get The Matchmaker, is from you. Retail for The Matchmaker is $29.99 and The Volumes are NOT AVAILABLE directly to the general public. Only via Agents. An Agent is the only one who can provide The Real Estate Matchmaker Why Everything Sells Best Fresh™ Volumes  1-6 to their prospective vendors. You get exclusive ‘at Member Pricing’ for both versions.

You will also have access to high res digital images of The Matchmaker covers for your marketing.

What do I get as a new member?

Each New Member receives a Complimentary Introductory Box Set contains 15 Matchmaker Master books + 5 Complete Volumes Sets 1-6 + 15 Volume 1. The comparative ‘retail’ value is in excess of $750, for only the $297 per agent, noted in the fee schedule as the ‘One Time Set-Up Fee’. It’s our offer of a 100% no risk entry for you.

Get your box, get the feel of what you need to do, then order and use the most effective version for you and your market.

Our recommendation is that your first order will be a ‘split-box’ of Volumes 1 & 2. Then follow up with an order for another split-box of Volumes 3 & 4. Top up your 1’s & 2’s at that time.

Another couple of months and your Herd will be ready for Volumes 5 & 6.

When I run out, how do I order additional books?

As you subscribe you will receive User Name & Login credentials that gain you access to the Members Only area where you can easily order your new stock. The Members Only area is also where all future bonus member resources will be. We’ll email you to advise of Member Only great free stuff, but check in regularly to see what’s new for you in your membership.

How long is my MOJO Matchmaker Membership contracted for?

The MOJO Matchmaker Membership is for 12 months and then automatically renews monthly after that. We understand that things happen in real estate and that your circumstances might change. Solo & Duo Members are free to move their memberships with them should they move offices.

Is there a ‘cooling off’ period. Can I rescind, pull out?

Yes. Sure you can, it’s the 7th Key Question. Your Agreement with MOJO is for 12 months but if we don’t do what we said we’d do, just tear it up. Guaranteed. We require and appreciate 14 days to remedy whatever the issue is. You also have the 30-day money back guarantee. That 30-day money back guarantee has to work fairly for both parties.

To be fair, for you to receive a 100% money back guarantee, you’ll need to return any and all materials supplied including your Complimentary Introductory Box Set/s in the condition sent. That’s only fair. Other than that, if after the first 30 days and within the first 12 months, you to want cancel or retire because you’ve done so well and made so much money, just give us a (1) months notice. We’ll run your card one last time for the balance and you’re always welcome back.

Is additional coaching, training or mentoring available?

Yes. MOJO are the exclusive licensees of Tim Eaton’s Hit The Ground Running, one of Australia’s most successful training programs. In addition to HTGR we have 20+ session topics available. Sessions can be arranged in your office or at MOJO training venues. Members are invited to attend any available MOJO training sessions ‘at cost’. ‘At Cost’ varies from session to session and program to program. Some are half days, some full days and the full Hit The Ground Running program is for 5 days. As an example, non-members pay $1,995 for Hit The Ground Running, but Member pricing for any single full day session, including any day of Hit The Ground Running is only $99 per day. Life changing value. We really want you to be members. * Condition* This offer is for Members whose complete Annual Membership fees are paid in full prior to registering and attending at MOJO training venues. That’s fair isn’t it? Members are encouraged to attend whenever and wherever possible.

Additionally, MOJO and Tim Eaton do provide limited one-on-one coaching and mentoring for agents and offices. Contact us at

Are you a Principal who is concerned about the value in Training question?

Question: “What if we spend money on training our team and they leave?”

Answer: What if you don’t, and they stay.

Is a ‘Duo’ Membership for two people?

Yes it is. Obviously the real estate agent ‘double-act’ is a very successful model. The Effective Business Unit, EBU, of Lead Agent and one or two additional support team members is very successful. Contact us if you’re not sure where you fit. Maximum ‘Listers’ for a DUO is two, with provision for non-listing assistant support people. Unsure? Call 1300 510 968 or email at

About your Agent Membership numbers

MOJO always retains the right to cancel any membership that we feel is ‘not a good fit’. Not a good fit happens when new Members do not observe the MOJO Credo. Not a good fit also happens when new members deliberately register smaller member numbers than are the real situation. Offices grow, especially after using the MOJO systems for some time. You should be looking forward to contacting us to add a new team member, it means you’re growing and prospering. Let us know when you think you might need to talk about your situation. Do not put yourself in a situation where we have to cancel your membership.

Your business success is our goal and therefore our business success is based on yours. The best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself. Let’s work together to achieve our successes.