Tim and the MOJO Team … working with You & Your Team

Are we a good fit? Are you prepared to Tick all 5?

1   Got the right people on the bus? Most offices don’t : SIP Behaviour Assessments for the team and all new recruits

2   Hit The Ground Running : New Recruits or Agent Re-Boot to ensure everyone is working from the Same Page

3   RISE : What are their Goals? : Why are they there? If they don’t know, you don’t know. Launch their Lives.

4   Big Stone Wheel Sessions : The best keep working on being the best. Monthly Training Refreshers.

5   Leading Fearless : The Hub of this 4 Spoke Wheel. Without Leadership all other efforts are futile.


Support and Understanding to facilitate the Realisation of your Business Goals

For Principals, Partners and Agents

When we tick all 5, we keep everyone moving in the right direction


“Are Your Actions Congruent With Your Goals?”



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