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It takes a lot of initial energy to get a Big Stone Wheel up off the ground

Standing upright and Pointing in the right direction

Once it’s there, just a little regular energy applied to the top of the Big Stone Wheel keeps it moving.

More importantly

Little adjustments to the application of that energy

Keep it moving in the right direction.

Warning: Having put in a big effort to get it up off the ground, if you leave a Big Stone Wheel unattended…

It goes nowhere and will usually wobble and fall down.

Start over : Start again

BSW Down

To get your Big Stone Wheel up off the ground and to keep it moving in the right direction

Contact Us Now to arrange your Big Stone Wheel Session

Sessions Run from 1 Hour … to 1 Day …

In Your Office or In Our Rooms


We always ask this question…

‘What did you like most about this training?’…

Here are a range of responses…

Very informative

Different & fresh

Rituals of prospecting

Eat the Frog

The science of being a successful agent

The psychology of selling. How to turn prospecting into a ritual. Tim’s energy

(Tim’s) Enthusiasm

Planning. Content. Points to assist in productivity

Love that the training is for you to be a better person not just a better agent

Got me to think, to then act on planning my work days for the next 3 months

… establish my way of working and engage the team

Easy to understand and implement

Delivered quickly with humour

How you build up your Herd

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    From Wikipedia .. on Big Stone Wheels .. and Money.

    Rai, or stone money (Yapese: raay), are large, circular stone discs

    carved out of limestone formed from aragonite and calcite crystals. 

    Rai stones were quarried on several of the Micronesian islands, mainly Palau, but briefly on Guam as well,

    and transported for use as money to the island of Yap.

    They have been used in trade by the Yapese as a form of currency.

    While the monetary system of Yap appears to use these giant stones as tokens, in fact it relies on an oral history of ownership.

    Being too large to move, buying an item with these stones is as easy as saying it no longer belongs to you.

    As long as the transaction is recorded in the oral history, it will now be owned by the person you passed it on to…

    …no physical movement of the stone is required.

    Once you ‘Own the Stone’ … you own what it represents.

    Here, that’s MOJO