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A highly sought after speaker and coach, his strong views on the need for change resonate with many forward thinking leaders in the real estate industry.

Pushing personal boundaries with the aim of being the best he can at anything he’s undertaken has become the theme of his life. Challenging the status quo of the real estate industry has become his mission.

While Tim’s been pushing those personal boundaries he’s also been privileged to have worked and played alongside many loyal, courageous and talented team members. Sometimes as a player on the team, sometimes as the leader of the company.

One of Tim’s favourite sayings is ‘Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want’ and he’s had his share of experiences! While he continues to have them, he’s now figured out how to enjoy and learn from them. Importantly for you, he can help you learn from his experience.

For years he’d been asked to share his knowledge and Experiences and in 2011 that became his everyday mission, to help people who want to make progress from where they are to where they want to be, in business or in life.

Specifically, to make progress towards who or what they want to be.

Tim is also a facilitator for the highly renowned Brian Tracy High Performance Leadership and Perform At Your Best programs and has seen incredible results achieved in individuals and businesses when the right changes to their behaviours are implemented.

In response to that call for help, Tim created Hit The Ground Running and it immediately became an industry award finalist. A program that is an excellent starting point for anybody entering the real estate sales arena, it is also outstanding for re-booting and re-aligning experienced agent-consultants who have drifted from, what Tim calls, The Way.

The Real Estate Matchmaker  Why Everything Sells Best Fresh

The Real Estate Matchmaker is much larger in the scope of its mission and its impact undoubtedly more powerful.

He’s regularly asked…

Why Did He Write It?

‘If one of my children wanted to become an agent-consultant, I’d like their community and peers to think well of them and respect their profession. Sadly, today that would not always be the case.’

Good people establishing relationships based on the wrong foundation. This inevitably leads to confusion, mistrust and the perpetuation of important decisions being made in an environment of fear and uncertainty. The mission for The Real Estate Matchmaker is to provide the textbook that lays the foundation for a better conversation, a healthier conversation. A textbook that lifts the veil and reveals the essential information required to be in a position to make important decisions comfortably.

Having educated both sides, over time this interaction between client and professional will dramatically improve. From there we will see a rebirth of respect for the real estate professional.

A major part of his mission then is to elevate the public perception of this important profession by helping both the agent-consultant and the general public to much better understand the process of selling a property, and how to do it well.

Becoming an acknowledged industry professional in any area of business takes time and real estate is no different.

The Real Estate Matchmaker  Why Everything Sells Best Fresh™ is a tool and a system to help both agent and owner. Because it takes time, the agent is able to transfer the essential knowledge to their client in stages, progressively earning the trust of the future seller as they are introduced to each other and to the invaluable knowledge that The Real Estate MatchMaker contains.

Over time the owner-seller learns the value of The 8 Key Questions that The Real Estate MatchMaker focuses on, ensuring that if they follow the way, they understand that they’re ensuring their future real estate experience happiness.

Those 8 Keys also instruct and oblige the agent-consultant to be exemplary in the execution of their work.

A win-win and over time, this winning double just might change the public perception of the good people working at the coalface in real estate.

And that’s Tim’s mission.


1973 – 1981: First bite of the bug. Residential housing project developments alongside his parents. During that time he undertook his first real estate licensing course in South Australia. Also, a student.

1979 – 1989: A working, writing musician … and student.

Q: What’s the difference between a pizza and a musician?

A: The pizza can feed a family of four, and he was soon to become a father of three.

1989 – 2006: Having successfully launched a marriage and a family he was also a founder director of Modern Miracle and under that roof between 1996 and 2000, a founder and director at DesignTroupe. Those extraordinary companies brought to life inspired works of design and construction in Hotels and Clubs, Exhibition and Media, including remarkable elements of the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Plus, he was a student.

2006 – Today: Real estate agent, licensee, sales manager, auctioneer, trainer, mentor, coach, writer, author and student.

2013: Created Hit The Ground Running

2014: The Real Estate Matchmaker Why Everything Sells Best Fresh™


Tim is forever a student. Always learning.


Tim and his wife Leigh were married in 1988 and three beautiful children chose them as their parents. While old South Australian DNA is strong in Tim, Leigh is a Crown Street kid and they’ve called Sydney home for over 30 years. The kids are die-hard Sydneysiders.

He reads voraciously and health and fitness are important for him. Although coaching and playing Cricket and Aussie Rules football were former on field passions, they are now keenly observed but not participated in. These days he strives for personal bests, and a coffee or two by keeping fit on a bike alongside an outstanding group of embarrassingly lycra’d mates that he is forever grateful for.

Tim still observes the Heywood Hale Broun classic quote: ‘Sports do not build character, they reveal it.’ The way The Australian Cricket Team, Cadel Evans and The Richmond Football Club display their character is why he loves them.

Tenzin Gyatso, The 14th Dalai Lama is quoted as saying: ‘Do not adopt Buddhist practices to become a Buddhist. Adopt them to become better at what you’re already doing.’ So while he’s not a Buddhist, that’s what he’s doing.

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