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To explain the reasons I wrote INVITED IN!, the reasons why you should consider reading it, and the reason I’m giving it to you free of charge, a Hollywood scriptwriter might have put that dialogue for Jack Nicholson something like this …

Can you handle the Truth?

I’m going out on a limb and I’m going to tell you the truth, because I think you can handle it, because that’s how I want to establish our relationship and because, as my father said…
‘always tell the truth, it’s only one story to remember’.

So here is the Truth…


The Real Estate MatchMaker  Why Everything Sells Best Fresh™

Is for real estate professionals who are tired of looking for their next listing appointment by having to kick doors down, searching for an elusive needle in a suburban haystack. It’s for agents and principals who understand the powerfully unfair advantage they have when they’re the only one invited in.

Is that you? Would you rather be INVITED IN!

What Everyone Is Saying

Tim Eaton was kind enough to share his thoughts about penning a tell-all book for consumers and I am delighted with the outcome. I picked up the expose about uncensored real estate truths and the result was I could not put it down and just had to finish it. He hit the nail on the head in so many chapters . This is a great read not only for consumers and sellers of real estate but also for many agents. Great Work Tim

Michael Xylas

Tim is a great guy who takes helping people seriously and really cares.

Geoff Luby

With a career touching all facets of the property market including sales, auctioneering and training Tim possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience. These attributes, combined with his passion for improvement to ensure the right outcome for all parties involved, means that whether you be a seller or an agent, there is something in here that will benefit you.

David Cradock